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10 Online Shops for Personalized Gifts
In time for Christmas shopping!
by Mara Agner
Oct 14, 2018

"Ideal for friends who like to entertain guests at home, this local shop lets you monogram placemats, coasters, table napkins, aprons, and kitchen towels. Aside from their customizable dining and kitchen products, they also have travel and home items available for embroidery."

"As my obsession with textiles continues to unravel I have found that I am a lover of them all. Beyond Stitched sent over some lovely items and I am now hooked."

7 Brands You Can Check Out for Unique Party Favors
April 13, 2018 / Posted by Kimiko in Tips and Trends

"Personalized blankets, aprons, towels, and canvass bags make for a unique (and useful) giveaway idea for the little ones, don’t you think? The super cute colors and simple yet pretty designs are a big plus too!"

"Beyond Stitched products are perfect for the “OC” adventurers out there! They have various merchandise to keep your things organized. You can have it customized with your name, too! That way, you'll always make sure that your stuff remains yours!"

May 31, 2017 7:00 pm by Gabriella Galvez

"Got a small guest list? Then feel free to go beyond inscribing your names and wedding date into a tote bag—give each guest a tote with their names on it, or better yet, a chic Inabel throw that doubles as a beach towel. Your guests will love you for it."

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December 2016

Stocking Stuffers
Need some last-minute gift ideas? Here are some cool, Philippine-made goodies you can easily bag online

16 Local Stores to Check Out for Personalized Holiday Gift Ideas
Culture | By Steph Sison - Nov 29, 2016

"Stamp their initials on totes, aprons, towels, and placemats!"

#BNBFINDS: 7 Great Kitchen Items for Newlywed Couples
July 21, 2016 / Posted by Daniela in Tips and Trends

"4. Personalized kitchen accessories. Here’s another cute personalized item that will put a smile on the wife’s face. She will be extra excited to do work in the kitchen with pretty linens like this! [Photo: Beyond Stitched]"