About Us

Objects, when stamped with a personal mark, transcend being ordinary. 

Beyond Stitched monograms bespoke pieces made out of canvas cloth in natural, subdued colors. Each design is a missive, telling a story that's worth numerous hours of labor and a significant amount of thought. Seamstresses, masterful at cutting and sewing, put sections together to form anything desired: be it a tote bag or a shoe bag, an apron, a placemat, a tissue holder, or a coaster. The items take on a new life when they are passed on to the embroiderers, who take great pains to delicately affix the owner's initials. By keeping it concise, the fabric breathes.

Monograms, after all, are not embellishments - they are subtle marks of individuality. 

To ensure that every pocket is sewn in place, and that every hem has been securely turned under, the items are sent back to the seamstresses for mending. In a world obsessed with everything fast and run-of-the-mill, this kind of attention is a rarity. The pleasure, likewise, is unique. It is extolled in every intricate stitch, but its extent run far, far, beyond.